Letting lovers do what they want.

I have found that when I am with other men that I pretty much let them do what they want to and with me. With my husband I am a bit more selective about what I will do or let him do. I have never let my husband do me anally, but I have let complete strangers fuck my ass. I have never swallowed my husband, but I have swallowed most every lover I have ever been with, when they have wanted me to.

My husband's ex says she was the same way with my husband when they were married.

I think that when we are with lovers that we will do what we wouldn't normally do with our spouses, and I'm not sure why.

Has anyone found this to be true?
with husband we are more dominant, deserves our love our sex but we have to live it to our liking.
I try my lovers let them do what they like most