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    As a white male with a passion for the beauty of interracial sex between black men and white women I'm in favour of a kind of relationship that may be suitable for white males like me, white women who like black men and black men who like white women. That is an interracial cuckold relationship.
    That is a long-term relationship between the white male and female in which the female can have numerous black lovers, but all the time as the security and love of a faithful and loving white male. The white male doesn't have other partners as his sexual excitement and satisfaction is in large part dependent on his partner's sexual excitement, satisfaction and thrills she has with black men.
    Not the norm but may be suitable for some individuals - finding the lady is the damn trouble!
    Dedicated interracial cuck
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    If you're a man already in a relationship with a woman, that might be arrangeable ... but as a single man looking for a woman that desires this type of relationship ... forget it. You'll be better served finding a Sub-Dom club and joining that.
    Women having to deal with a submissive, cuckold male is like having a dog they'd rather get rid of ... they deal with it until something better comes along, then they set the dog out. It's not something they go looking for, that's for sure. You gotta realize, women look at this type of man as a "loser", and they're certainly not looking to establish romantic or long term relationships with losers. A cuckold mate is something they work around. ;)
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    Living that lifestyle right now!