Ever do a stranger in a car, restroom, other area?


Real Person
Years ago a young girl, in her 20's called me. She was answering an ad of mine in a swingers magazine. I agreed to meet her in the next town. She had an older BF. I followed them to a secluded area, a kind of rest stop. She was blonde, pretty good looking. In her car she pulled off her shorts, I licked her pussy for a bit, while he was on the other end. Me and her BF switched places. After that I fucked her for 5 minutes. They left, it was all kind of hurry.
i love fucking bbc outside or in public. the first time i got blacked was down a lane bent over the back of my car he fucked me so hard my feet were lifting off the floor i loved it! after that i would get him up me wherever we could! i think the cinema is still a favourite memory, the other end of the isle was a white couple and he kept watching as i was laid on my side. i told my bull so he pulled my tits out of my dress so the white guy could see as he banged me from behind