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eating ass of a black master


Recently we met first time with black masters. There were to of them. Young, tall and quite massive. They humiliate me and my wife.
They forced us to lick their asses. Later after session my submissive sexually wife said to me it was very exciting to her.
What do you guys think about it? Could we spice it up next time?


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Guess it's paranoria to me ... but licking someone's asshole, or even fucking some chick in the asshole is simply gross to me ... not to mention the sanitary issues. I know my wife doesn't care for taking it in her ass ... and that's perfectly ok with me. :unsure:


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Can you say " hepatitis A - HAV " ? causes jaundis, fatigue, joint pains, diarrhea, even liver failure if not treated.
Look it up ... read about it. Its a serious health issue. Mac :confused:
Because of these issues, this is something I only do for my Wife and only after she has thoroughly cleansed herself inside and out. We have also both gotten the various hep vaccinations.
Even so, we recognize there can still be risks and she never insists that I perform this for her, even though she has every right to command it in our FLR.

However, because I know she enjoys it and it is one of the most submissive services I can perform for her, as well as the most intimate pleasure I can give her, I will occasionally request that she permit me to do this.
I usually reserve this for those times that I feel her spirits are low and she needs a good "subby boost" to recharge her inner Domme. It is very rare, but when we do this, the joy in her eyes and lift to her spirits is magnificent.
i guess it's just about being smart...I lick my gf's ass everyday for at least 10min and we both love it...if both parties are going to engage in this act just shower before the session and thoroughly clean the ass area that's all...for me personally if I would ever do this to a black bull it would have to be hairless though lol


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had one bull who made me lick his arse really loved it and had a bull cum in my arse and he got my g/f to lick the cum out really blew my mind gave me a great climax really love it
My wife loves rimming my ass and cums very hard while fantasizing about rimming a black man's ass. Guys who do this for black men are really gay. It is not something that I would do. I enjoy seeing my wife be used as the nastiest slut. I do not want to be the nasty slut. If it is something that you want to do, by all means have fun.