Did the human species survive thanks to the black men?


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Please read completely the post before to give your opinion.
I know this question sounds like anthropological discussion, but some of you probably will be able to understand my point of view.
In almost all the threads from this site and a lot of interracial porn websites more, we can find thousands of pics, videos and topics about black men with huge cocks, most of them incredibly beautiful and worthy of envy by part of many white men like me. Beside their huge cocks, black men have always proven to get a great virility and stamina.
1 - Size Look at that black cock. Despite it's not completely hard I guess some white women's pussies would have some difficult harboring such amazing tool...but most of them would pay for try it. Could you really imagine the immense pleasure that any woman would feel being penetrated by such wonderful tool?

2 - Capacity of impregnation
Ok, now we have another interesting pic from a black man who has already cummed inside a white pussy. Look his long size cock! It has to be a cock with not less than 20 centimeters long. Surely it was able to reach her navel area when it was inside her pussy!
It's just my opinion but I think that men with long size cocks like this are better able to leave a woman pregnant.

3 - Virility
Here we have a clear example of virility: a black guy is fucking a girl in public. How many white men could do the same? Perhaps some white men can do it but not the majority. Only a few exceptions, most of the time I heard about couples having sex in public, men were black. In this particular case it is not just a matter of penis size but a virility and self- confidence. Surely he really knows that his penis is able to be ready when he needs to use it.
Some men like me would be afraid thinking someone else could find me fucking, so I couldn't have sex in public places, simply due my penis wouldn't harden...but the same motive that produces me impotence, would be stimulating for a lot of black men.

His hard cock shows that he only think about let himself go and enjoy sex, not matter they're in a public place.

And here we have another proof of virility. Can you see the huge amount of sperm that he is throwing over her face? Perhaps she had been sucking his dick until he felt the need of cum. A lot of people are watching them but he could do it anywere! I'm sure she was pleased receiving that amazing amount of cum over her face. And I'm sure it must relieved him a lot too.

4- Ability to get women to do certain things that they wouldn't normally do with their husbands.
There are a lot of examples about this point but I will just mention one: Swallowing cum. Perhaps not all women are ready to confess if they have ever swallowed cum. But you may see in hundreds of homemade interracial videos white wives swallowing black lover's cum in front of her husband. Could it be just excitation, preservation instinct or female subordination before an alfa male?
Susana my wife doesn't like swallow sperm, but she did it twice before we met The first time was with a mestizo boyfriend called Dennis. He was a bad guy and their relationship ended after two years together. She didn't like her first experience swallowing cum. Later with her black boyfriend Axel she swallowed his cum during a blowjob over their car. It was hard for her because his sperm was sticky and dense, so she didn't try again until some months ago when she sucked Axel's cock until she made him cum. Despite she didn't like these experiences too much, she did it three times with another guys. During more than 11 years of marriage she never swallowed my cum.

5 - Strength
Have you ever noticed the amazing strength and stamina from black men? This pic is just an example. And when I say "strength" I'm not talking just about strong abdominals, arms and legs but strength in his penis too. How many normal white men would be able to lift, carry and fuck a girl like in this picture?

6 - Reproductive instinct.
"missionary sex position" or "face to face sex position" is very commonly used in the west. It's known if women wrap their legs around men's bodies, their penis go deeper inside women's pussies. I've watched hundreds of homemade interracial videos where white women performed this leg's scissor.
When my wife and me were just friends, she told me that she always wrapped her legs around Axel's hips during missionary. When we started to have sex I thought she was going to do the same with me but it didn't happen. During our first date with Axel at home, Susie and him fucked in missionary over a sofa. She automatically wrapped her legs around his body whe she felt she was close to cum. She told me later that it was an involuntary reflex due his way to move his body during sex and the proximity of her orgasm.
I have talked with some black men about this and they told me the depth obtained in this way is amazing. Moreover they experienced a feeling of intimacy and true love too. Some of them cummed immediately when their female partners wrapped their legs around them.
I think wrapped legs represents a genuine attemp from women to hold black men's cock deep inside their pussies, until they emptied his entire aperm's load inside their vaginas.

Taking in count all the factors described above, what do you think about black men? Do you think human species survived thanks to black men?
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calixto, you sure put a lot of thought and effort into this one, didn't ya? wow! :)
Of course. I tryed to explain myself in the best way possible. I must summarise my own thought and experiences with some information from several interracial and websites and some chats that I have had with black guys. However I couldn't express all that I think about this topic. Thanks to take in count my effort.