cuckoldry & public exposure

For most of us our cuck lifestyle is a relatively closely guarded secret, has anyone been exposed as a cuckold to their friends or work colleagues, & if so did this enhance or detract from their cuckold experience ?


Sweet & Cordial
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In a real cuckold relationship, the cuckold is usually one of the last to know. Its often a friend or relative that comes forth and informs the cuck his spouse is cheating.

michelle sd

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i have been a Blacked cuckold for at least ten years. i don't think any of my family knows. i know my friends and work mates do not know. i do not mind people in the lifestyle knowing. i would like a way to show to other cuckolds and Black Men that i am a Blacked cuckold, you know discreetly.

i am proud to be my wife's cuckold. i do wish i could show it more but there are too many judgmental people in this world that think they know how my wife and i should run our lives.