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cuckoldry & public exposure

For most of us our cuck lifestyle is a relatively closely guarded secret, has anyone been exposed as a cuckold to their friends or work colleagues, & if so did this enhance or detract from their cuckold experience ?


Sweet & Cordial
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In a real cuckold relationship, the cuckold is usually one of the last to know. Its often a friend or relative that comes forth and informs the cuck his spouse is cheating.

michelle sd

Gold Member
i have been a Blacked cuckold for at least ten years. i don't think any of my family knows. i know my friends and work mates do not know. i do not mind people in the lifestyle knowing. i would like a way to show to other cuckolds and Black Men that i am a Blacked cuckold, you know discreetly.

i am proud to be my wife's cuckold. i do wish i could show it more but there are too many judgmental people in this world that think they know how my wife and i should run our lives.


Real Person
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All my closest friends have already have sex with my wife, some family has suspicion of our life style but they don't ask we dont tell.


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I had posted in another thread that a few know. However, when Beth first went black only, it was on business trips to NJ and her black boyfriend liked openly express his control over my wife, and would tell people (cabbies, bartenders, waitresses, etc) that I am her cuckold. Some knew what it meant, for some he had to explain. A couple of times the women would say to my wife that they wished their hubby was obedient like me. It was both embarrassing but also strangely erotic too.

The most embarrassing time was in a Marriott lobby, a hotel which I frequented on business trips. Her boyfriend was taking a cab over to take us to a club near him. Beth and I had been sitting in the lobby for awhile, and it was pretty obvious we are husband and wife. When he arrived we walked over the greet him. He put his arms around her with his hands on her ass as he french-kissed her. I felt ever eye in the place focused on us. They walked out arm-in-arm as I held the door.