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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KeriTheSlut, May 28, 2015.

  1. KeriTheSlut

    KeriTheSlut Active Member

    I was talking to a friend about
    sex and such. She said she was tired of the club scene and the flirting, she just wanted to meet up for sex occasionally and wouldn't mind if it were anonymous
    Has anyone here ever answered or used Craigs List or Backpage ad for anonymous sex? Just curious what people found using that method of meeting people
  2. Danishcouple

    Danishcouple Moderator Staff Member Real Person Gold Member

    Yes we have.

    We didn't have much success until now but that is also be course we are being picky with our first BBC.

    CL is in our opinion at least as good as any other forum.
  3. PA_guy

    PA_guy New Member

    CL is where we found one for her. But also we were stood up by someone posing as a bbc. We ended up driving an hour away to find out we've been duped. Our mistake on that one, we didn't have him voice verify. Now before we answer an add we do a reverse search using to see if their picture is a googled picture. Then if it seems legit she will kik them for a proof pic. Rather not give out a phone number until we see they are real.