Black Superiority and white submission


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I just want to act out this superiority fantasy, like have a big, young, hung black stud fuck my woman while I call him sir and wait on him. Oh and help guide his massive black cock in my woman's pussy and be responsible for it slipping out. In that sort of scenario I would want the bull to tell me that I was clearly inferior because I am white, that my penis is white and therefore small and inadequate, and that his is of course very large because he's black and that's why he gets to fuck all of the white bitches while us puny pathetic white boys have to watch it, and even more pathetically, get incredibly aroused by it.
Outside of that scenario all people are equal. It's just a fantasy/fetish.
@Dsoul, I agree that it's humiliating for a white husband, but in fact it's very beautiful and very satisfying that black males can revitalize the love life of white couples by having sex with white females.

As a white couple our sex-life has become much more satisfying thanks to a very masculine and strong black male.

All three of us benefit from our interracial relationship.

Michael has interracial sex with a married white woman and he showed his power by impregnating Chris.

Chris gets a lot of very satisfying interracial sex, a lot of orgasms. My sex drive is not strong enough to satisfy her. Chris also got the biracial baby that she wanted.

I love to see Chris being happy and satisfied. A love the submission and humiliation of raising another man's baby.

And i am happy to have a family with a strong and healthy baby.

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So fucking beautiful.