Any tried or thought about dpp?

Either 2 black bulls, or or white trying to squeeze in there with a big black cock. Is anyone here in into dpp? Do you enjoy it? how is from the different parties perspectives? I for one think it would be very fun. To get to be in there against a bbc, and feeling all the juices would be amazing.


Not yet. I think about it all the time and get off watching movies with two black dicks way up inside a white girls holes. A girl I worked with said that it hurt like hell the first time because they didn't do each hole seperately first to get them stretched out. the next time was great because thy took there time and used some lube


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Ginger LOVES dpp.....have done it many times.....she is as tight as a drum, but will stetch out to accomodate two big cocks.......even had a double cream pie once.........she cums buckets this way

She even did double anal, but it was with two white turns me on like crazy to see her sandwiched between two black studs


This is a pic from an all white gang bang.....Ginger does xxx videos, and is scheduled to be dp'd by two bbcs next week....Ill post some pics soon....
as my wife has not warmed up to anal sex yet (she has done it, but does not enjoy it) she really gets off thinking about two in the pussy. we play with a dildo and my cock at the same time and she quivers!