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    Ever since meeting the wife 15 years ago I have fantasized about seeing her with another man, specifically a black man. When we dated she told me she had briefly dated a black man but had not had the opportunity to make love to him before it ended (few dates). I had always been pretty shy about approaching her about the subject but the few times we have gone out lately to bars/restaurants she had commented on a few black guys. After several cocktails one night recently, the conversation turned to our biggest fantasy sexually and I decided now was the time to go for broke. I told her bluntly that watching her get made love to by a black man had been a long time fantasy. She was semi-shocked at first, alot of "really?" "really?", and that turned to her admitting it was a fantasy of hers. We both agreed to take this slowly but I spend alot of time lately visualizing her in a hotel room here getting the fucking she deserves. For the first time ever, she watched a adult movie with me at home, an interracial one, and we spent most of the time in foreplay with me playing with her pussy and her stroking my cock as I whispered in her ear that I was imaging that was her in the video. To say she was turned on would be an understatement (not sure I have seen her cum that hard before).

    We plan on taking this slowly, but when she is ready I think the next logical step is to go out dancing and have her dance/flirt with a black man.

    My main question is though, when we finally reach the point where we are ready to go through with his, for those with experience, is it better to just go out to a club and invite someone back to a hotel room or possibly arrange someone through the personals or another site like this one for her first time?
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    Take it from someone who has "walked the talk!" You can read about our experience elsewhere on this site! An old university friend and room mate of mine, who happens to be black, was the first and only BBC my wife has ever had. Like you, it was a long time fantasy of mine to see a white woman get a real good fucking by a black guy! After over ten years of marriage little did I think that this fantasy would become real and that the white woman participating would be my wife! It was an awesome experience for all concerned. Your comments are so closely related to our own situation, we feel we must respond.

    With the proliferation of STD's out there we'd never get involved with someone who is a complete stranger. Neither should you! You don't need a casual experience to end up being a nightmare experience. Better to get to know the guy and find out as much about him as you can, including whether or not he has, or ever has ever had any STDs of any type. Caution is of paramount importance and you can never be too cautious. Another point ... "if in doubt ... do without!" There are plenty of fish out in that pond who would delight in getting swallowed by some white horny wet pussy! Another point, let the wife make the decision on who she does or doesn't want to fuck! After all you don't want some guy who's a real jerk and turn off for her to be the lucky guy! (Never argue with a woman's intuition, she'll know the right guy!) That would turn out to be a one way street and he'll be the only one walking it ... satisfied ... leaving you and your wife in a state of frustration!

    Another point, my wife went bareback, simply because we knew the guy really well, but even that can be a NO NO! While watching Edwin getting into my wife bareback was the most exhilarating part of our experience, my wife says now, and I quote, "Thinking about it now I think I would have had hated it had Edwin put on a condom!" However she also adds, "If it had been someone other than Edwin I don't think I could have had done it without him wearing a condom! If at all!" So you be the judge and keep us informed as to how things develop!
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, obviously STDs are a concern but she has stated it would have to be someone we don't know (as of yet anyway). She has a very successful career and one of her groundrules already that she said was that if we decided to go through with this the whole personal/public/professionals couldn't cross...and definitely whoever is the lucky guy will be of her choosing. Just was looking for opinions of it being some guy she is attracted to while we are in a club one night (which would 100% require a condom the first time if that were the case) or someone we meet online and she is able to ge comfortable with. I see the benefits of both, a random guy who she takes home and fucks sounds very hot...but then again...her first time being with someone she is comfortable with but is able to go bareback and bury his cum in her pussy sounds amazing.
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    Regardless of where she meets the guy, at a club, on line, at the supermarket or in church, the risk of STD/STI is the same unless and until you all go and get tested.

    Until then, condoms are a must, unless you are all in agreement that you are willing to risk your lives or at least endure the hardships that contracting some of the readily available bugs out there can cause. Even then you are still at risk, albeit a lower one.

    Keep in mind, even with testing, that assurance only lasts until one of you has sex outside of your little threesome.

    Good luck.
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    wow , some "good, honest, sincere answers" ... I'm shocked! :eek:
    If you ever wonder, sometimes, why some hot chick isn't married or involved with a guy, consider that the issue of an incurable STD could be one of the reasons. Case in point, recently Paris Hilton's storage box was taken over due to, of all reasons ... nonpayment of her rental fees. One of the thinks that was found in her storage box was a medical drawer for all her medicines, like birth control pills, sinus medicines, etc. One was her acyclovir prescription for genital herpes, one of the most common, painful, and incurable types of STDs, particularly for women.
    I know this may kill the "spirit" of this website for some, possibly, but with 1:5 adults betw ages 16-35 having a STD of some kind, its definitely worth reminding occasionally. This "free for all fucking" talk can sometimes be taken to literally by some. I'd certainly feel bad if some BS I posted caused careless harm to anyone; so, yes, play SAFE!
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    I concur with the advice given by mac, will, and drillher.

    While the whole "pick up a stranger and bar and fuck" scenario sounds exciting, it would be best for you and your wife to get to know the dude first. While, as will and mac pointed out, the risk of STD is very real and the the chances of getting infected are no different from a stranger than from somebody you know, at least if there is a "getting to know one another" period, you would get a general idea of the kind of person you're involved with. Better to know what they are about and their demeanor before you get into a situation that you can't extricate yourself from. And besides, you wouldn't let a stranger drive your car or enter your house, why would you want a stranger to stick his dick in your wife or come in her? Your wife is/should be more valuable to you than your car or your house.
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    i'd look online. :) take time to get to know the guy. the best guys aren't in a hurry. they aren't desperate. the best guys don't even realize they're looking!!! because they aren't exactly lookking. u'l encounter a ton of fakes but they're prettty easy to sift through. SHE should do the looking, not u. when she finds a guy she likkes then u do the checkking. make sure he's real, safe, clean and appropriate. trust me. picking up a guy online is so easy. finding the right one is the hard part. then meet in a public place away from ur home the first time:rolleyes:
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    Appreciate the replies..really kind of think we know how we're going with this but also kind of clueless in the same sense. Actually had her chat with a few guys yesterday online and we had one who she was attracted to (this will definitely be her decision on who is her first black man,...I want her satisfaction and happiness to ALWAYS be the priority in this, where the fantasy always came from with me). We kind of had plans to go out and celebrate my new job tonight, kid was with grandparents and then as a present to me for the new job she was going to come back and move to a next logical step for us and webcam with the guy she was attracted to. Hour before she got off, she got called in and laid off for the next 3 months, obviously kind of fucked the mood for the night.

    We definitely are concerned about being safe but the thought of bareback is a huge turnon to both of us. Beyond taking his ass to the clinic that afternoon is there really a safe way to do this? Guessing the answer is no beyond eventually ending up in a "relationship" where the guy is solo to my wife but thats obviously way way way down the road if we ever even get to that point.

    Guess the realistic answer is play safe no matter.