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white husbands gay....


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I'm sorry for judging but I'm using another website...great website...and thousands white husbands contact me for meeting up for doing crazy gay things....wtf guys let's be fuc.... men pleasing our girls like all the normal men doing....That's too fuc... much...can I suck your cock,can you fuck my ass...come on its becoming sickness and ridiculous...I understand you want try anything but you people are sick...That's why change everything....And I started to share my wife with others not just with blacks not because I'm impotent not able to satisfy my wife but because I want be free to try anything....sorry but I had to take all this out otherwise I could explode...guys I don't wanna say the website name but unbelievable thousands messages from gay white husbands even ugly like the death....I'm a pussy dependent....i have my gorgeous wife pics and they prefer sucking my cock.... IMG_20150517_043630.jpg


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re: white husbands gay ...

The cats have been let out of the bag, so to speak, with the many states in the US that are siding with Gay Rights/14th Amendment, so you best start getting use to it. People are coming out of their proverbial "gay closets" now. That's one of the reasons cuckolding has gained such popularity; its not just watching the wife with other men, its the opportunity of the MMF arrangement that gives bi-curious males the chance to interact with other males ... whether its eating another man's porridge from his wife, prepping and cleaning the bull, or just jerking off.
After gay rights wins (and it will win), I'm not sure what the next frontier in sexuality will be... legalized polygamy, maybe?
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