What is the bbc limits?


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What is the virility bbc limits? It's something that I ever asked myself.
I remeber one night wich my wife, our black friend and I had been having several drinks before go bed.
When finally we went to our bedroom to fuck and started to excite each others, our black friend apologized telling us he was sick. My wife told me to go with him to the restroom and I took him there. He was so sick.
I left him near the lavatory and he contracted his stomach with a cicrcular movements. I asked him what was he doing and he told me that he knew what he was doing.
He contracted his stomach again and bent his body in half, opened his mount and made two sonorous retches. It was incredible but he was trying to throw up not needing put his fingers down his throat.
Finally he made a third retch and he thew up into the sanitary. I though he was going to stay there for a long time or he was going to go bed feeling himself even wore, but he sighted relieved a long "Ahhhh!" after his vomit and standing up from the sanitary, he walked to our bedroom again.
My wife was naked and lying over bed. She asked if he was better and he answered her that he was relieved.
Then, for my surprise, he took his dick with one of his hand and massaged it for a few seconds until it erected. My wife who didn't seem surprised watching how his cock was hard, opened his legs and arms invited him to go over her. He put his dick into her pussy and they fucked in missionary as good as ever. She wrapped her legs around him and both of them reached the orgasm.
I was really surprised! He is amazing! I only can ask myself wich was the limit from a bbc at the time to fuck a girl/woman????