What is ok for your wife to do with a BBC Bull?

Nice with all replys!
My GF also do everything with her Bull, but has just been with him twice. But it will be a lot more. She said after the first time that she never been so wet.


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I agree with kccuckoldwife
Whatever I choose to do with a bbc bull is fine! Mandatory condoms in the beginning, I want to have fun but it's not worth catching anything in the process. Sorry but no cock is worth a lifetime of disease. AFTER the trust is established and there, the condoms become less important and I can enjoy myself more fully.
I agree!


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My wife had done all of the above with her black lover is not fond of anal never let me just him also said she would never do bondage again.
Kissing? YES
French kissing? YES
No condom? SOMETIMES
Cum inside? On those occasions there's no condom
Swallow cum? SOMETIMES
Sleep over? NO - at least not yet

Playtime Patty

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Kissing? YES
French kissing? YES
No condom? Must wear condom, Must know very very very well before I consider
Cum inside? Again must wear condom at first, Cum in mouth, yes
Swallow cum? YES
Anal sex? NO
Sleep over? I do not know, maybe one day.