What is ok for your wife to do with a BBC Bull?

It was really up to the guy she was seeing. Hopefully yes to all though.

I really loved sleepovers though. She would let me help pick out her outfit and choose what panties she wore. And I loved being home thinking about how my gf was sleeping naked next to some guy and his big cock. I also thought it was fun picking her up in the morning


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Before I ever did this, my hubby and I had a long conversation about what he and I wanted from the experience. For me, I didn't want any preset rules/limits or expectations, but wanted the freedom to do what I felt comfortable within the moment. Fortunately, he and I were on the same page. So, in the moment, if I feel like oral, anal, kissing, etc. then I choose to. One thing that is a non-negotiable for me is no condoms. I am severely allergic to latex, so condoms are not an option for me. We knew this would limit our options for playmates, but I would rather not do it at all than use condoms. Fortunately, we found a guy who is clean and it's not an issue.


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Kissing? Of course
French kissing? Yes
No condom? Yes.
Cum inside? Yes.
Swallow cum? Yes, but the above is a better option.
Anal sex? See above
Sleep over? Maybe
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Hubby here. I'm not a "cuck" but they negotiate this. So, her BBC picked her up for a date this evening. I asked her to text me if she was sleeping over, but not my call. Just courtesy on her part.
I choose to use a condom with her, for my safety. I *hope* they do the same.