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What do Wives want to see in a Black Bull?

While I have enjoyed a black lover (his stamina was amazing!), I haven't really experienced or had a relationship with a black bull before. For me personally, the ideal person would:
  • Have stamina that can rock my multi-orgasmic clock! He doesn't have to wait for my 2nd or 3rd orgasm to cum (which would be less than 5min -LOL), but I would like him to be able to get hard and cum at least 2 or 3 times during our sexual romp.
  • Be a gentleman and seductive to start, and then become dominant once we're in the throes of passion.
  • Be large in size and girth. It's more than a fantasy, it really does matter -- at least for my multiple orgasms. If I wanted only 6-7" and average girth, I would never have pursued my husband's (and now my) cuckold fantasy.
  • Understand the cuckold marriage and respect the husband outside the bedroom [INSIDE the bedroom is an entirely different matter!!!] I love and respect my husband and he loves me; I hope a Bull understands that. However, once we're behind closed doors, I want to be dominated... and for my lover to "own" my husband if he so chooses. Is that too "out there" for a Bull? Again, it's about the power, and for me that's the clincher in this whole relationship.
What do you other wives think... and how do Bulls feel about this?


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To us the difference between a BBC & a Black Bull is simple.. a BBC is just a one shot encounter, but a Black Bull is repeated playdates.

What we look for is someone who is obviously very well hung and on the thicker side. They have to be completely clean with test papers to prove it. They have to be laid back enough to carry a conversation but know when to turn on the dominance. Stamina is important to us and we'd prefer a guy that is looking to fuck her repeatedly that night. We prefer when the Bull gets off more knowing the husband is watching. Age is not usually a factor but she strongly prefers muscular black men.


Agree wholeheartedly with these posts.

I will also add: experience, maturity, patience and communication. This leads to satisfying foreplay and dedication. Once I find the right couple, I drop anyone else, and I expect the same.

Drug free. Substances cloud the throes of authentic passion.

Physique. Look the part, be the part.