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We have a question and maybe this is the perfect place to answer but maybe not. We have been into this lifestyle for a few years now. We are married and really enjoy it. We/she have been wanting to do a GB. We have tried a few times but it seems very hard to arrange and get everyone on the same page. She is wanting about 4 or 5 guys. Any suggestions as to how to set this up, what to look for, how many guys to invite, what is a good #? We have talked to other couples that have done this and they said to just be patient. Where is the best place to post about this and what should be said in that post to attract the best? Any advice is appreciated.


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Any advice is appreciated.
Welcome to b2w ... your profile doesn't indicate where you're located, but I'd suggest you find a couple adult lifestyle clubs and attend a few hospitality events ... a "meet & greet" event to build up memberships. You'll be able to meet people face to face rather than deal with the frustrations of e-mail/chat disappointments.

Here's one locator link, just use the map locator on it:


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Another way to learn -- would be to get yourselves invited to an IR party. Not really a gang bang, but a few guys lined up and waiting to take their turn with her will give both of you some experience in the multiple partners all at once arena. Nancy had shown no interest in GB - but managed to enjoy five or six cocks in four hours at our first IR party. It was an all-day drive for us in each direction - so don't let your location hold you back.