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to all the bull's what you think''

my wife denise was brought up by racists hipocrits'' told not to wear heavy make up'' only whores do that! not to showe skin'' only whores do that also! i got her to look getto for one night '' and she was hot! so what im tryen to showe her is your hot with this look'' she is 28'' years old and built for bbc indeed . and it is her choice to look how she truly wants to look'' her racists family does notta for her so why give a shit what they think! this women want even wear any bling because her family says it's whorish ! she likes for bbc to look her way''give her offers of sex'' what would say to my wife to help her come out of her shell about looken sexy for bbc'' hey she is hot would love to share pic's so you can see her getto! reply