Tips to humiliate your sissy cuckold husband


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These are some ideas I found on the web - apart from the usual spanking, butt plug and strap on.

1.) Have him make a mold of his own penis (search “clone a willy” in Google). Once made, have him give it a long, intricate blowjob. Then fuck his ass with it, before fucking his ass with one of your biggest dildo’s. Ask him whether he feels the difference between his smaller cock, and a real mans cock.

2.) Have him buy condoms, asking the woman behind the counter whether they have “extra small” condoms in stock.

3.) Tell hubby that, lately, the men you come across at work or informally, you fantasize of as potential Bulls, which makes you horny. Tell him you can’t wait to have sex with other men. If hubby has a boss or colleagues he doesn’t get along with, or even friends he becomes competitive around, tease him how you’d love to be fucked by one of those men, and made to feel like their whore. Tell him you’d love for those men to tease him about it after fucking you.

4.) Tell one of you closer girlfriends about hubby’s sexual kinks and fantasies (cuckold/femdom/strap-on/chastity cage, etc), then let hubby know you told her, and share her reaction in detail. Bring her home to giggle at your hubby.

5.)Have him completely shave his legs, and pubic hairs at least monthly. While clean shaven, have him rub his legs and pubic area in with a female body lotion whenever it’s ‘play time’

6.) Go to a restaurant together with hubby and your Bull. While waiting for the main meal, take your Bull out to the car or restaurant bathroom area for a quick sex session (fucking or blowjob) then return to the table in time to enjoy your meal together. Make a point of kissing hubby on the lips when you return in order to confuse all the waiters and other guests.

7.) Keep a feminine name for him, and address hubby by that - often and loudly - when in public.
I was dating a black guy who loved using me in public and made sure those who saw him knew the white guy with us is my husband. He especially like doing that in taxi cabs: expose my pussy, breasts, finger me, have me suck him, sometimes he would have hubby join me in sucking his cock...he would tell the diver that hubby could not satisfy me.