1. Nycuckcouple

    Ny looking for thick 9+ bbc to fuck my gf

    Title says it all
  2. J

    Anyone from the UK post your location and will see how many couples we can put together

    Hello I'm from the west midlands Birmingham and I'm a bull. And have experience also young. Any couple willing to contact me pm me asap. Thanks. That's the format we will follow and hopefully can have many couples find bulls in the UK. Let's get paired up.
  3. Aj1249




    First pic of this album
  5. 0630B1A5-5911-4DD7-84ED-B4CAD332E560.jpeg


    My cum or lotion?
  6. S

    Orange County Bull Here!

    Fit HUNG bbc bull in Southern California looking for a couple. Open to hosting as well today or in the future. Can verify and all that good stuff!
  7. B

    DC black cock

    I want to see all the white women that love bbc in their ass deep!
  8. IMG_20190309_164800.jpg


  9. 3B0B99C3-B272-4685-8CB4-97B1C92AAC1A.MOV


    Italian cock for couple
  10. SirBAO

    Travel Notice- Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia

    Any couples looking for a Black Male for their cuckold play while I visit these countries in April let me know. Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia. I'm a 32 year old bull, 196CM (6'5) tall and muscular. Let me know if you're interested. Sir BAO
  11. J

    Should your wife know you are putting her nudes online?

    Okay. This topic has been pissing me off a bit that there are wannabe cucks and real cucks. The real couples who want it to happen are fine and I have no problem with. The wannabe is the one I have the problem with. The problem is consent like why will you put a picture of your wife online with...
  12. James421

    just me

    still tryna get hard
  13. IMG_0295.JPG


    Late nights alone, In Georgia
  14. J

    What age would couple prefer their bulls to be?

    I'm 19 and a student but was wondering if this lifestyle required you to be older. Is that some times the preferred thinking that bulls need to be like 25+. Just want to know your experience on the age of it matters or not
  15. 6ft3andhung

    ATL BBC looking

    Hi, I'm looking for a woman to play with atm. I live ITP of Atlanta. I'm 22, 6'3", average build, fairly attractive, and hung long and thick.
  16. JamaicanDomAtl

    Any Sex Clubs In Atlanta For Single Bull

    Wanna Get Out This Weekend And Service Great!!!
  17. Shower Time

    Shower Time

  18. Rag holder

    Rag holder

  19. Newly Wed Gets Her Hands Around Her Wedding Gift

    Newly Wed Gets Her Hands Around Her Wedding Gift

    Pretty, young newly wed wife gets her lips and 2 hands around my 'wedding present' from her husband.
  20. Was feeling cute , might delete. Lol

    Was feeling cute , might delete. Lol

    Just a random pic after shower