1. S

    Another BBC addicted sissy looking (in New Orleans)

    Hi Daddies! i’m a sissy white sub who’s given in to my destiny to become a white bimbo for BBC. Im ready lose my BBC cherry and i’m looking for a Black Daddy that lives in or visits New Orleans to by my first. i’m slowing working on blacking my wife too, but that’s taking some time. my...
  2. J

    Got gangbanged by one of my wifes Bulls and his friends last night.

    Last night I was supposed to meet with one of my wifes bulls that was in town alone because she had plans with family that she could not get out of. She offered to send me in her place and he was all for it but wanted me dressed up sexy/slutty. My wife went through all her stuff and found me a...
  3. Cuckcd

    Not true but would like it to be...

    So I’m at work one afternoon when I get a text from my wife. It says to meet her at the casino hotel in room 301 as soon as I get off work. All at the same time I felt excited and concerned. We hadn’t been intimate for quite some time. She also said she had already packed for me so no reason to...
  4. lilwhitesissy1

    White boys for BBC

    Society getting more and more receptive for white boys and man to be themselves. More and more trying to look pretty and make Black Man like us, just a little bit.
  5. W

    Sissy für BBC

    Sissy slut in bavaria near munich. write me for more informationsleggings by willing slut posted Sep 28, 2017 at 2:34 PM
  6. C

    Denied it from ten years old

    I will accept now, after nearly 20 years of watering in my mouth in the presence of a black confident youth - 60 I naturally have always gone instantly weak, never accepted, my earliest memory of being bullied was by a black girl, maybe from then I subconsciously accepted, I love the fear and...
  7. Sissybbcworship

    Almost full sissy!

    Got a entire outfit including heels and a bra. One of these days i need to shave completely and do my make up amd nails. And ill be pretty and ready to serve my bbc daddy! Accepting applications btw! Lol. But anyhow. Took some photos and just wanted to share! Thanks!!
  8. beginnercouple

    Searching online dom

    Hi, Curious beginner couple searching for a man to take charge online...we have both skype and kik but would love to talk here to follow rules and tasks set by a dominant, and then see where it goes :)
  9. Mr MiracleBBC

    Post Your Cuck Taking BBC

    Let's see the cucks out there enjoying a Big Black Dick.
  10. Mr MiracleBBC

    How submissive are you willing to be

    How submissive are you willing to be? What is your limit? Do you often fantasize about eating your wife's lovers come? Being pimped out on the street by a BBC? Having a big black dominant master own and take over your family? Tell me exactly how far you're willing to go to please Black Masters...
  11. W

    Suche Schwarzen Schwanz in Mühldorf

    Wie schon im titel suche ich einen bbc in mühldorf (bayern) der mich durchnimmt und zu seiner bbc slut macht. As i said in the title i am searching a bbc in Mühldorf (near munich) who fucks me deep and hard and also makes me his bbc sucking bitch:lips::sex:
  12. Mr MiracleBBC

    Live in BBC master

    I was approached by a couple last week about a possible living situation. They want me to take control of their relationship 24/7. Live in cock them and on both of them sexually. It's the first time I've ever been approached about a living situation but I am just curious to how many of you...
  13. WildCard92

    Submissive only to BBC

    I'm just curious to see how many other guys out there are like me where you are have no sexual or emotional attraction to men but whenever you see a Big Black Cock something in you just goes crazy and you want nothing more then to get on your knees and suck it till it's hard then beg your black...
  14. Mr MiracleBBC

    White cocks show off your tiny dicks

    Show off your tiny inferior dicks
  15. Mr MiracleBBC

    Training Single White Females

    Most Black Masters believe that is only their responsibilities to dominate and rule over white couples but they have another responsibility. It is also the responsibility of Black men 2 train younger single white females how to properly serve black men. Now many younger white females fear the...
  16. T

    looking in wv anything goes

    Im looking to be a cuck in WV. Anything goes! you can humiliate me to no end ill even "clean up" (eat cum) Help her suck him, whatever it takes to be able to worship BBCs.
  17. L

    Are women open to finding a man to clean their creampies?

    I am a submissive oral and have a strong cum fetish. An ultimate fantasy is to be a fluffer to men who are bi and the clean up of a gang bang. The focus would be on the pleasure of the slut who loves to get gangbanged. I guess I am looking for a fast machine who keeps her motor clean~!
  18. Cuckloversissy

    Coming Home from Deployment

    ***This is an original story by Cuckloversissy posted on the site All photos are of my little dick and my actual fiance*** My fiance Rachel was one of the most perfect women I had ever seen. Long dark hair, a gorgeous face, and a divine body. I say divine because I would...
  19. TwinkSlave

    So stoked to be a member here!

    Hi all! So excited to have finally joined. Long time admirer of interracial sex and love. I'm trans but not on hormones yet :/ I've been lucky to have a slim, twink build. I joined for any reason everyone else here joined: just your frequent erotic chat or maybe I could be persuaded into a more...
  20. M

    Vietnamese wife with lump dick fiance, so cal, want big black cock

    Her: 5'5, Vietnamese, mid twenties, 110 lbs , curvy, perky nipples, deep throats, loves anal, squirter and can come multple times. Him: 5'7, 95 lbs, petite body, limp dick, loves to be cuckold, loves to dress up in womens lingerie , make up etc. seeking Big black cock, larger than 9 inches in...