1. Sissy caged cucks

    Sissy caged cucks

    I can tail when I post something that it is well received because I get crazy messages like this. I will keep the content coming if you do your part.
  2. My Bull Invited me....

    My Bull Invited me....

    The beautiful black man, is my boss and amazing friend. And soooo good looking. He lets me jerk off and watch.
  3. Bbc4matureMd

    Black black daddy cock 4 all sissies & Cucks

    Looking for cucks & sissies that love warm black horse dick! Let’s chat, video or meet up! I have a load for the sluttiest !!
  4. MarieCD

    Can a white sissy realize the 24/7 slave lifestyle?

    Seems a rather difficult thing to actually do. There seems to be many sissys who dream of such a life: owned by a Black Master, but few achieve it. Is that because; a) they only fantasize, b) they are scared, c) there are no Masters near them ? Any thoughts or recommendations greatly...
  5. Message_1581589633831.jpg


    Finally got my tattoo
  6. Jo51515

    Young white Sissy looking for BBC in Germany

    I'm a19yo sissy and really love to ride big dildos and watch bbc porn. The cocks are all so incredible hot. I'm looking for a bbc who can fuck me with his cock, the first real cock I ever take :) Please pm
  7. P


    Anyone on here from Scotland? Bulls, fellow cucks, Cuckoldresses, couples, etc. I'd love to meet an Alpha or a Superior woman and be put in my place. 22 years old, male/aspiring sissy, Glasgow here.
  8. T

    Bi-Curious? Anyone know the feeling?

    Hey, I’m still new to this site but been on it a lot lately. My names Taylor, I’m a 25 year old white male. I have to say I never thought I’d be in the position I am now. I have been straight my entire life. I literally am disgusted of the thought of being with a man, unless... he is black. I...
  9. Screenshot_20191202-182132_WhatsApp.jpg


    Happy white married.
  10. D

    New white boy on the forum

    Hey guys! Made this profile a little while ago but just started using it more latley. I have been watching interracial porn for 8 years and now have made it all the way to giving oral. Great site!!!
  11. Bbc for Swedish sissy

    Bbc for Swedish sissy

    Black man fucks me and cums deep inside of me. Wish I had the ending on film to
  12. W

    Resident Nightclub Sissy for Special Events?

    A while ago I attended, solo, a party hosted at an adult entertainment nightclub. These are organised as IR-specific parties to cater for white couples and women who love black men and their D, and vice versa. I went as a late 20's white male, v. attractive, well dressed, but just missing the...
  13. tabithabbcslut

    I'm a dedicated Sissy Slave For BBC

    Hi my name is Tabitha, I'm totally pussy free for life, and I'm a slave addicted to one thing Big Juicy Black Cocks fully accepting this. I dress like the whore I am everyday wearing Queen of Spades Clothing, and BBC printed clothing to show and attract my Superior in every way Black Man. I...
  14. HotWife Sissy hubby and Black Bull

    HotWife Sissy hubby and Black Bull

    HotWife Sissy hubby and Black Bull
  15. Sissybbcworship

    Sissy looking for master or pimp

    Hi, I'm 30 years old and I'm looking for a master to turn me into a full time sissy. Maybe pimp me out. Or just make me his. Idc. But I love BBC. And will worship black men. Make me your slave. Message or text. 1717 875 1 936
  16. C

    Frage an die Cucks/Sissys/Bi's

    Hallo, mich würde Mal interessieren ob ihr euer Sperma schluckt oder nur das von anderen:p Seid ihr Bi, Sissy oder Cuck und warum, was gefällt euch daran?(: Steht ihr speziell nur auf BBC's oder generell Schwänze/ große Schwänze. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Cumlover.
  17. Sissy Cuck in black.jpeg

    Sissy Cuck in black.jpeg

    My Cucky all dressed up!
  18. S

    White sissy ass