1. BBCHero

    Bull looking in LA

    Hey good looking BBC seeking LA couple. Can travel . Let me know
  2. Bbcthugga

    BBC Up late in california

    anyone on west coast?ca? so cal bull seeking single femalen or couple
  3. L

    My wife made a choice and I have to live with it.

    “Don’t leave” I begged her. It had come to this, me pleading with my wife to stay in our holiday hotel, the place we had come to get the spark back, to love and make love. Sure things had been a bit rocky but my love for her was never in doubt. She threw me a pitiful look and said “I’ve already...
  4. cuckoldconvert

    what should i say to humiliate my cuck

    i don't know how to say hurtful things to him, he is so good to me, but he wants me to banter him when i am fucking my bull. I mean i can say things like you have a little dick, but i want some material that will surprise him a lil.
  5. N

    Small cock for You to humiliate

    Greetings from slovenian small cock slave who loves to be humiliated so i beg You to leave reply about my cock
  6. C

    Vancouver BC Cuckpl looking for out long term Black BULL

    Hi we are Sandra and Dave, We are a Cuckold couple in the Vancouver BC area. Been in cuckold lifestyle on and off since 2001 but recently have really stepped it up(last 2 years).... in what way you might ask................. Typically hubby has always joined in but Sandra's latest man was...
  7. Tjoochhej

    Young white man looking for a dominant woman

    19 years old European man (Serbian&Swedish) who is into mature women and couples of all different colors. I'm into both getting humiliated and humiliating others as well as dominate and being dominated by females and couples. I might not be the average white guy on this site when I'm packing...
  8. A

    Couple interested in couples orBBC.

    This is the wife speaking, interested in sharing nudes and ways to humiliate my man more with other couples, looking for BBC to send nudes to and tell us why my loser man needs to let me have black dick, would love to hear about the nasty humiliating things you can do to me in front of him...
  9. S

    Fart humiliation from her bull

    So a few days ago mistress was berating me for fucking up my chores (again), and her stud overheard it :( He pushed me around and stuffed my face up to his ass and farted directly on me!!! I almost threw up!!! And then mistress says "you probably liked it, slut!" I can't think of a more dominant...
  10. Cherry

    help looking for hardcore interracial cuckold where bf/hubby forced to suck and fuck bull

    please help out we kinda new to the scene and looking for good forced bi where cucky gets forced to be a sissy in front of gf/wife trying to inspire cucky to use his full potential :p thanks guys :) Cherry x
  11. P

    Penis Humiliation and Cock Comparison

    Would anyone be interested in trading pics and comparing my cock to a big cock? It's a fetish I have. Message me if interested.
  12. S

    My inferior white cock

    Can bbc lovers please give reactions and opinions? Say what they would want to do with it?
  13. N

    Wealthy Single 27 y/o looking for a cuckoldress to humiliate him with BBC

    I am a crossdresser and very passable. I want a scenario where I have a psuedo wife that is black owned by a GIANT Black Well Endowed Man. I want you to verbally assault me as well as he humiliate me on my small cock. THIS IS FOR MONEY. I will pick out the outfit you will wear. We will stay...
  14. T

    Need Help with Cuckold Fantasy Ideas

    To start off I should explain that me and my fiance have tried cuckold multiple times and she just decided it wasn't for her. We just agreed for me to fantasize about it myself. I have a tumblr sharing pics and videos of her and I look at other cuckold pictures and videos. The issue is, and im...
  15. ApexCode

    Whats the deal with "cuckolds" eating the other guys jizz out the girls pussy?

    Man to me that shit is nasty, and homosexual. if dudes are doin that shit then how they attracted to woman and still able to suck down man juice at the same time??? doesnt make sense The only thing i can gather from that is the guy eating the cum must be gay and wouldn't even care about...
  16. CuckynDFW2

    cuckold tattoo ideas

    I was told today I would have to start thinking about 2 tattoos. She wants some sort of ownership "owned by Mistress Nikki" for example as a tattoo. I also have to come up with a cuckold chastity tattoo and location. I found a few but I would love any ideas the community may have. Thank You

    Big, Bold, and Bulled

    [A The fuckin she needs and what her husband worships
  18. R

    Rhiannon slurps on her first Big Black Cock

    I woke up with a smile on my face. What a night last night had been. I’d been at a house party, and Rhiannon had called me out of the blue and told me to come upstairs. I did – my heart pounding as I found her in the bedroom on the left. She stood there hand on hip, mousey brown hair, beautiful...
  19. J

    I want to watch

    I am a white male cuckold wannabe. I am looking for an interracial couple that will let me watch them and humiliate me. Looking in the southern NH northern MA area.