The best thing about cuckolding


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Most women have a ton of orgasmic buttons on their bodies, and its simply amazing when a talented lover can set off all those orgasmic buttons at one time. Most guys, with a little effort can help a woman have an orgasm, but to watch her shake & quiver through a continuous avalache of deep orgasms takes a talented & well hung lover. That's why a lot of women, when they finally experience that type of orgasm, can never be satisfied with anything less again.
I was kidding myself thinking I could satisfy my wife with my little white dick.
Its quite obvious now she's getting what she needs. She is much happier and euphoric when a big black bull ejaculates into her womb.
My worthless dick is kept locked up and rarely let out. On the rare occasion she gives me a ruined orgasm, she is disgusted by my seed and quickly flushes it down the toilet.
She never wanted children before. Now that I'm lock up, she has told me she has stopped taking her birth control pills.