Telling Your Wifer/GF Pt. 2

Have You Told Your Wife/Hubby of Wanting her to Cuckold You?

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The article is going to take long because I’m realizing there’s a lot more that needs to be said on this subject we’re talking about. And I’m still searching through my mind for stuff I’d like to shed more light on and maybe add one or two paragraphs to. In time I know they’ll come to me as I sit down to continue this things or ours … just like the Mafia, we’re our own Mob!

2nd Commandment: Know Your Wife/GF

This is going to be a rather lengthy and complex piece, and once again, I’d first like to welcome every reader that’s here going through it, and also to bid you to please remain patient with me as you comb through the words. And if by chance they exists any faults or errors in my words, I’d prefer you allow those to remain mine.
Now, where to begin…
There isn’t exactly any straight-forward means of negotiating through this next chapter. And whatever I’m going to say as we go further wouldn’t sound as cohesive as any of you might want to think. The reasons being that we’re here to talk about YOUR woman, or YOUR man, ladies and gentlemen, and not here to hear me grip about mine. I’m not going to say that I’m in touch with your woman/man any more than I know I’m not driving your car right now. Your woman is your woman, so too your man is your man (that’s for the ladies in here), you know your lover/spouse more than I would. I’m merely writing this chapter in accordance with the emotions that’s ongoing inside each of you that’s reading this. I hope that doesn’t sound dismissive, I’m merely stating the truth. You courted your woman and you’re as much in love with her now as you were the first time you met her … so too are you, ladies, with your men. I’m not here to separate what is good and pure between the both of you, merely here to enhance it.
For you men who’re reading this, I trust that by now you’re all familiar with the first Commandment which I wrote about in the previous post. So now we’ve gotten past the first hurdle about your reasons—how ever deep-seated and personally private they are—of wanting your wife to be with other men, or about her taking on a lover, though we might brush on the earlier topic as we travel down this road, let’s keep walking.
Fine, you want her to do this for you. You LOVE her so much and you know she LOVES you, and this is something you want to share with her: of wanting her to take on a black bull(s), and of you there to watch her undergo such an experience, physically and emotionally. Except you’ve come upon a brick wall—How the hell am I ever going to put it through to her that such-and-such is what I want? Won’t she think of me crazy… psychotic? … or that I’m out of my mind?
I’m not going to lie to any of you that’s reading this: your woman has every reason to react strongly to this. You have to admit that such isn’t something any woman would expect her man to wake up one morning and tell her to do. Down here in Africa, trust me when I say that the first thing the woman would do is call your folks and tell them you’ve been possessed by someone/something and for them to come perform an exorcism on you. The other option would be for her to slam something hard down on your head and leave your sorry ass laying there without pity. Bringing up such a topic with the wife takes a lot of skill, patience, perseverance, charisma, and luck. Almost like treading through a mine field to get to the other end without losing any limb.
I mentioned that this chapter is about knowing your wife/GF, or rather, your spouse. For the women reading this, knowing your man is almost as easy as pie, because us, men, are quite easy to figure out: If we hate something, then we hate it… and maybe some soothing really will turn us around and in a rather short period of time once you go to work on us. But such is seldom the way with women. It’s hard knowing what a woman is thinking, don’t care how much an Einstein you might be. When it comes to what a woman’s thinking, trust me when I say that all bets are off. Even if you work on your woman towards seeing this from your point of view, there’s every chance that it might not go the way you want it to. I say this because there’s a mighty difference between when a hubby gives his wife a hall-pass to fuck someone else as there is to living a dour life with her till you both grow old...

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