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Taking it to the next level

If you've read my other posts, you would know that my wife has already had her first black cock, and we had a failed attempt at her getting a second one.
Recently, she started talking to a mixed guy from the states. Turns out he is exactly what she had always fantasized about. Bigger and Taller than me, apparently looks like a model, and talks to her just how she likes it. They met yesterday just to confirm that they were real people. After meeting him, she was so worked up all night, that they agreed to meet today after work. We had crazy sex and she sucked me off like mad, but I didn't let her cum.

She just texted me to say she's arrived...

I am wondering how this one will turn out. Me not being there is definitely a step further than last time, and I must say I am feeling all sorts of crazy emotions - anxiety, jealousy, regret, excitement, hornyness (fuck is that even a word?).
What if this guy turns out to actually have a bigger cock then mine, and/or is a better fuck than I am? Should I feel bad about this? I don't.
Anyone else care to comment or share their first solo experience? I will update with more details to follow!