Taking Another Man's Woman


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I am not sure if this is the right place for this post. I have experience in a lot of areas of sexual exploration. I do teach online courses in cuckold issues and needs.

But the real life scenarios that I have been involved in have been incredible and I have a tremendous amount of respect for a cuckold relationship. It has to be one of the strongest bonds between a man and woman, because there is a tremendous amount of potential stress on the relationship, on the woman and on the cuckold.

I have tried over the years to be mindful of those stresses.

One attached woman that i will never forget was about 10 years ago. She was in her mid 20s. We met at TGIF of all places. She was just at the bar with some friends, i was there with some friends and we just talked. No sexual undertones at all. I am one of the friendliest people in normal life, so this was not unsual. We traded AIM names, yes this is 10 years ago. lol

We chatted a bit more online, and she said, she wanted to see another pic of me to remember how i looked. So we traded a couple pics. She then started to ask me more specific questions about sex and experience. I told her more specific answers, then she asked if I had any pics of my cock. I said yes. "Can I see?" So I sent her my cock pic. "What's your phone number?" she said. "Why?" I wrote back. "Because I have to suck that right now."

So I gave her my number, gave her my address and she drove over.

She had light brown hair, big round great brown eyes, and she was a 34DD. She walked in, we kissed and I said, "well show me what you got." So she got on her knees undid my pants, took out my cock and began to suck on it. She was really good at it too.

She sucked for a while, she knew how to continue the stimulation without letting me go over the edge, so she sucked hard on my cock for a good 20 minutes. Then i grabbed her hair to raise her off the ground. We went to the Den, and thats where i stripped her naked and saw a beautiful shaved pussy. I fingered her for about 10-15 minutes until she was dripping wet, and then I slid my really rock hard at this point cock inside her. We fucked for about 5-10 minutes, she came twice and I finally came.

Afterward, she liked to cuddle, which i love - and she cuddled me like she loved me. I could sense that she had satisified that oral desire fully because she had a calm about her. Thats when she said she had to go because her boyfriend was waiting for her at home. I said, you live with him. "yes," she said. "Does he know you came over?" I asked

"No, not yet." she said.

"What are you going to tell him?" I asked "I found my cock." she replied.
She told me a little about him, asian, about 5 inches. he was a personal trainer, so very fit and good looking. She liked him, but he couldnt satisfy her no matter what he tried.

We continued to fuck for about 8 months before she moved to California.