Single White Boys...Which Girl Do You Wanna See Pounded The Most By BBC

Fellow single white boys...I'm curious to hear who or which girl you think about the most being abused and pounded by BBC? Not talking about ex-gfs or ex-wifes, confess the good stuff. Friends wife, sister, mom, co-worker, etc. confess who it is and explain why...I'll start...

For me I wanna see my 31 yr old close friend fucked by BBC, her big juicy booty is just asking for a big blk dick to be stuffed in it...I love how far it sticks out and it must attract so many blk men. Her skin is pale and has blonde hair so she'd look so hot with a dark shiny black shaft sinking between her legs
im not single i have a wife well long term gf but been together 11 years now so may as well be wife anyway in my opinion all white girls should sexxxperiance at least a couple of blk cocks ravaging their pussys at least once in their lives including wives girlfriends sisters mothers daughters ect and hope they dont just stop at the once lol
My friends wife. Love to make him watch too. Hot blonde with big tits, big ass and tight stomach. Love to see a few BBC tear her up. BTW her ass is my profile pic...
Probably all of my close girl-friends i have. To know any of them would like it and to see would be hot. Would love to ask and help them convert ,but thats probably not the best friend help they would want lol