Should white women recruit other white women?

Should white women recruit other white women and let them also experince the magic?

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Omg this weekend was amazing. Well youll know from my post I'm allowed to black with black cock. Well my girls want to go see post Malone in South Padre this weekend for spring break. Well something came up and they decided to so something else. At first thank God. Didnt feel like going and hubby couldn't go due to work. So Friday hubby was in shower and I was just about to join him when my besty called. She told me she had extra ticket to concert and let go. I originally told her no and continued to jump in shower (Yup phone water proof) so while on phone hubby getting hard. He grabbed phone and said pick her up ahe going and hung up. So next day came hubby went to work girls went to friends and I started to get ready. When hubby got home he saw what I packed and I pulled from under the mattress my extra large condoms. I looked at him gave him a kiss and said I might need these. Omg. Hubby fucked the hell out of me till my girlfriends came to pick me up. Since its allowe to fuck a black cock. Well we get thier smoke a j , few drinks and had fun. Well later that night we hit a couple of bars and omg met 4 black gods. My bestys had never been with black men. So we hit it off and then one of my gf.said what about hubby. I leaned over and said im allowed. So we all hung out and the girls were getting a bit turned on so i tild them all about it and they freaked cuz they all married as well and thier and thier hubbys would never allow. We all fucked in same room. My first orgy and thier first black cock. They k we hubby knew and promised he would never say anything. They loved being dirty naughty and slutty. We plan on having s little party and I going to set them up with a couple of black cocks I'm fucking. Hubby was turned on. My daughter's were pissed they didn't go and my pussy, add, and mouth sore. I recruited and lol it was a blast.


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I don't have a sister that's why I helped influence my niece instead
I am not sure how women will feel about this post, but as part of being with me, I teach women how to talk to other women about sex and their sex lives. In my experience, I meet a lot of women that are very private, and restrictive with what they discuss about their sex life and what they dont. I think women should feel empowered to just be themselves. I am mixed, so women that want darker skin dont usually go for me, but any woman that is seeking or curious for a big cock experience, has their ears perked up.


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yes absolutely white females should convert other white females. That's the fastest way to make our lifestyle spread. as a white male I even try to recruit white females, and I recruit white males. its all part of the revolution
I agree 100%. I even thought of disguising myself as a woman to cozy up to a group of white females I saw at a mixed race night club hoping I could play a role in encouraging them to dance with black men. That was more than 20 year s ago at a favorite club of mine called Quincy's at the Adams Mark Hotel In Phila. where I witnessed several white babes with black guys.


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My wife's good friend....who is a real cutie had separated from her husband and went for it with a young Black guy from a gym she joined just to meet guys,....she knows my wife is having an affair with a black coworker and had told her about their abilities in we think that's why she wanted to try it while separated....she ended up falling in love with him and getting pregnant by him in the first month.
I belong to a relatively closed group and the only way a woman can get into the group is if she is brought in by one of the women in the group. We all prefer discretion, so typically a woman will be introduced to one of the bulls by a female member. To get the introduction there has to be a consensus among the women. If things go well and she wants to continue she is slowly assimilated into the group. If she can't be discrete she never gets past the one bull that fucked her first. Same basic rules apply for new bulls except they must be approved by the bulls in the group.
Please find my wife and get her into this group.