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Should white women recruit other white women?

Should white women recruit other white women and let them also experince the magic?

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I belong to a relatively closed group and the only way a woman can get into the group is if she is brought in by one of the women in the group. We all prefer discretion, so typically a woman will be introduced to one of the bulls by a female member. To get the introduction there has to be a consensus among the women. If things go well and she wants to continue she is slowly assimilated into the group. If she can't be discrete she never gets past the one bull that fucked her first. Same basic rules apply for new bulls except they must be approved by the bulls in the group.


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it's not like i'm an evangelist about it. i figure if a white girl feels it, she will eventually find her way there, (i did!)

i'm pretty open about being with black guys. lots of women are curious about it and ask me about it. is it different? (yes!) how does it feel? (thrills the hell out of me!) how do the guys treat me? (kinda depends on what we want) what does my family think? (they hate it!) do i ever regret it? (NO!) will i ever stop and go back with a white guy? (no) and i'm pretty open and candid in describing the life and why i love it. with me, honest questions get honest answers.