Sexy Theorems

This pigment is more significant than even some of the learned realize. Furthermore, Mendel’s Law on the whole shows that the darker the colour of the animal or the plant, the more dominant it is, while the lighter in colour, the more recessive. We return now to the woman who advertised for an intensely black man. “I have desired for a long time to know a very black man. I often get laughed at about it for I am very communicative. I used to say when I was with mv friends: ‘Oh, how I should like to sleep with a black’. One day the husband of one of my friends said to me in front of the assembled company, ‘well, I will black myself all over and come and see you’. I answered him, ‘No’, for I desired the complete illusion, I want to see a real handsome black man naked”.

Several writers dealing with this passion, have called it ‘lust’. Why interracial ‘lust’? If mere sex satisfaction were the motive then these white persons could have found any number of their ‘race’ without any problem.

This proclivity for black sexual relation has its origin in ancient fertility worship. The male genitalia were the symbol of the regenerative force in nature. The image of the penis as a symbol of reproductive power was ubiquitous. Graphic representations were to be seen on walls, buildings carved in stone, in temple and on mummies. Even Sati, one of the Pharaohs, was represented with his formidable erect organ. Blacks were worshipped as God incarnate. White masses bowed down to black deities.

The rites of Apollo were founded by Delphos and his Negro mother, Melainis, and the worship of black Isis and Horus was popular in Rome, and in the Roman colonies, as far north as Britain. When the latter evolved into the worship of the black Madonna and black Christ, Christian Whites also bowed down to them.

Herodotus tells how every virgin, regardless of rank, had to give herself in the temple of Venus Mylitta to any man who wanted her. This happened not only in Babylon but in Cyprus and other parts of Europe. Women were driven to the temple to be ravished by the loitering horde of human boars and lascivious goats”, says R.H. Bell. Thus, it was in the temple that those virgins participated in the initiation service.

The Negro phallus, which was once used as a charm by the women, found its way into folklore and into the depths of the subconscious mind. Numbers of white women now saw themselves cohabiting with black men in their thoughts and dreams.

But it was not necessary, however, for white women to depend on their imagination alone because there seems to be no time in history when black men were not available in the countries of northwestern Europe.

Since the phallic symbol represented deity, those white women felt cohabiting with black men was an honour of the greatest magnitude.

Colour aversion did not exist. The popularity of the Blacks was tremendous They were held in high esteem. Therefore, it was an honour for any white woman to mate with him. Blacks were then the foremost power in Europe. They were the conquerors, and the Whites the conquered, “of such cases’, says Roy Nash, “it would be an honour for the Whites to mate or marry the governing class”.

Throughout history women of every stratum of society would forego social and economic benefits for a sexual relation with black men. Some, loss of friends and relatives, disinheritance by parents, social stigma, and to suffer even death itself. Why? Is black sex magical? Or is it more delectable? Why white women prefer it? Even among royalty. Let us investigate.

There is a saying in Canada: Once you go black, you will never go back....” Many white women have left their husbands to have a sexual relation with black men. All normal individuals experience sex hunger. And white women say black sex is better. Of all reasons given in this book, none fascinates the author more than the better feeling that white women enjoy during and after coitus with black men. Why is this so? At the base of the human brain is a very small organ called the pineal gland. It is about the size of a pea in man. In birds, the size of a dot. Many of our activities are under the control of the pineal gland. It is the regulator of the endocrine system. It controls growth, sleep, wake, hugging, planting, mating, body temperature, etc. It has been referred to as the “third eye”. The pineal gland controls the movements of migratory birds, breeding, sleeping, nest building, etc.

Now, according to Alex Hrdlicka of the Smithsonian Institution and others, “the penis (of the Negro boy) is longer than that of the corresponding white boy. (Physical Differences Between White and Coloured Children’, American Association for the Advance of Science, vol. 47, pg. 476, 1898.)

Sir Harry Johnston: “In both sexes, the development of the external sexual organs is large - larger than in the European (white) race, more considerable than among the Mongoloid yellow races of Asia, America, and Pacific”. (British Central Africa, pg. 399, 1898).

Schopenhauer noted the lust that white women have for dark skinned males. Even before that, the English classicist George Chapman observed, Black man is the pearl in white women's eyes. Yet in America there was a male obsession with keeping white women away from temptation. Gunnar Myrdal discussed in detail the white man's paranoid fear of miscegenation or amalgamation -- that is, his white woman's interest in (or attraction to) the black men beyond her reach.

A couple years ago, a national survey here in the states revealed that 78% of white woman ages 15 - 30 are attracted to African American men.

Over-indulgence has softened them. White men seem to have lost the fortitude and manliness of their own hardy fore-fathers. Modern white man is a victim of his own success. He has more affluence, more education, less hardship, less privation and struggle. He is pampered and spoiled and soft. Lacking challenges he has become in some ways atrophied and enervated, in some ways weakened.

Yet even granting all that, I am sure there is more. Somebody should explain why white women are falling head over heels for black guys. It must be in their DNA, you would think.

If white man has his intellect, he seems to be deficient in other ways. Emotional IQ perhaps. He tends to be somewhat self-absorbed, not especially proficient with the marriage relationship.

Perhaps the black man, reputedly less of a mathematics major, is highly superior in the physical realm of athletics and sports, olympics and dance and music and yes, sexual performance. In other words, the black man appears to a white woman (at the level of her DNA) as a superior reproductive machine. Something makes her desire an awesome Daddy, a hunk (reproductively). Even if she has no conscious desire to be a Mommy.

The whole thing is deeper than thought. I do not think the white woman evaluates it with her brain. It is instinctual, at the level of her cells, the genetic cravings of her entire being. If her whole body is focused on superior reproductive quotient, a fine Negro simply seems automatically appealing. See The superlative appeal of black men

The number of white wives that force their husband into becoming a white cuckold to black men increases 7 percent every year

(Yes of course to the obsessively analytical all this is nonsensical gibberish but I find it oddly kinky, it speaks to a time before political correctness and bland sameness and lack of depth or hierarchy. Just thought it might make for a sexy forward to interracial erotica.)