Saw something hot

At Wrigleyville after Cub win Friday. Bars were packed, with a Mardi Gras atmosphere. Had to fight way to bar to get drinks, long lines, etc. I noticed a group of about 5 couples. One gal had super hot body but sort of a butter face. Not bad, but not supportive of the body. Loud music, and guys headed to bar. I saw another guy come in and started to dance with her. Dancing got hotter and hotter, his hands roaming and groping. She was gyrating to the music and him. At end of the 2nd song, he grabs her and face sucks her. They are both kissing open mouth, tongue action visible. Embraced and kissing for several minutes. I looked beside me, and a guy was standing with 2 drinks, just watching with mouth agape. I told him she was hot!.He nodded and had shocked look. I asked if she was his wife (They looked to be late 20's or early 30's). He nodded. I told him he was lucky man, and would reap the benefits tonight. He looked at me confused. I asked if he thought that was hot and if he was turned on. He nodded slowly. I told him if he was cool, he would have the hottest sex ever tonight, and it could lead to sloppy seconds at some time. He still looked confused. The other dude had walked off by then, and she was getting high fives from the other gals. I told him to walk right up, hand her the drink, kiss her and whisper that was the hottest thing ever in her ear. He seemingly did. She had surprised by smiling look on her face.
Yeah I seen something very hot at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago. Young girl reddish blonde hair about 20ish, very pregnant, holding hands with two black guys, the wife was like lucky girl LOL