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our first time

So the other night my wife and I invited a black man to our home for a threesome. While it wasn't a straight up cuckolding session, he definitely let us know who was in charge. While my wife was going down on him I was next to her kissing her neck worshiping her as she worshipped that monster when I felt a hand pulling me closer. It was him and he pulled my head down on that huge prick. Nobody said anything, it just kind of clicked, he pulled me down, I opened my mouth, and my beautiful wife smiled wickedly as she slapped me with 10 inches of the thickest cock I've ever seen before shoving me down on it. We made out on it for a long time.
After I fingers and licked her to several orgasms, she began to beg him to fuck her. He slid his black snake into her and I put my Dick in her mouth. Within minutes of him fucking her she was screaming that she was going to cum on his Dick and that it felt so good.
she sucked more, it was so hot. The way she gobbled on that thing. She sucked like she was trying to make herself cum. I don't blame her; even when halfway limp she couldn't close her hands around it and had more than enough room for both hands and her mouth to work.( When he was totally limp he was still bigger than me hard)
The fun carried on for about six hours. At one point he made us lay in a69 position while she rode my face, he plowed her, his big heavy black balls slinding on my face. He would stop to feed me his Dick telling me to Taste my wife on him.
All in all, the two of us, fucked, fingered, licked and beat my sweet wife to 23 orgasms. It was so much fun and felt so good to watch her get that much pleasure. 36_2.jpeg 2013-03-30 03.59.48.jpg
Sounds like an awesome night of fun. I bet your wife enjoyed every minute of it. Was this the first time you sucked a cock? Did your sexy wife like seeing you suck his BBC? When's the next date?
Yea it was my first one. LOVED watching me suck. She kept telling me to worship it cause it's sooo much bigger. Asking me how it feels. Very sexy. I'm not sure when we're meeting again. A week or two.