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Master SHANGO's #newhome


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Busy, busy, busy. What more can I say besides that. Being so busy these past week, I ought to give myself a vacation. I certainly would if just to get away from you folks. I’ve always thought about taking myself to some deserted island and make like Tom Hanks’s Jonathan Swiftian character in that survival movie of his, Cast Away.

I certainly deserve to be away from folks. Except something tells me if ever I did, some of you would dare to come search for me.

I’ve been hard at work, as always, creating a new home for myself. Blogs are fine, but there’s no source of comfort besides having your own website. And besides, I’ve gotten blogs in Wordpress and Blogger, and not to mention Tumblr, and each time I post something there, I keep getting angry letters from the Powers-That-be, claiming that I’m always violating one law or sanction of theirs. It makes it hard for me to catch a break at all. Most times I have to step down my stuff to cease from them cutting me off from you all out there. I recently got a warning (not the first and not even the fifth) from Google+, always talking about the dirty pics I post on their site.

But enough of that. I’m not here to grip. I’m certain there’s folks in those sites who appreciate my articles and enjoy reading them as much as you all do. And as much as I’d love to strive showcasing new stuff on my blogs, as well as on other social sites such as Twitter, Flipboard and Flickr, let it be known your favorite Black Master isn’t backing down from his work.

With no further ado (although some of you already are privy to this), I’d like to humbly declare my new home, my website open to all of you. The wall paint is still fresh, though the furniture are new. Stop by for a visit whenever you can, and know that just like here, I as well will be updating the blog section of my site regularly.

I still look forward to meeting more of you, including those who’re always seeking me out on Yahoo Messenger and writing me letters. I know it was a set-back that I wasn’t successful in obtaining my visa renewal to return back to the States, but fear not. If at first one doesn’t succeed, there’s always a next time. Know that as long as we remain in touch, we definitely will meet.

In person.