Ladies That Carry

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What is you favorite public place to mastebate?

  1. At the office

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  2. In a public facility

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  3. In a car parked in public space

  4. Public transit (i.e. bus, train, subway, etc…)

  5. I don't believe in mastebation.

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  1. Choco Smurf

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    Okay ladies. In a former life I worked as a security guard. Now I enjoy a white collar job in corporate America. Often,I took assignments at say a local courthouse, where I would monitor x-ray equipment looking for dangerous objects.

    Every once in a while the machine would identify an unknown object that could be a weapon, prompting a bag search. To the embarrassment of the bag's owner, the search might turn up a dildo or vibrator.

    So here's my question. Have you or any of your girl friends carried such devices to work, or out in public? If so what would trigger the "oh I need to get off now!!!" and sensation?

    RG ;)
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