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I have been asked not to post....

Are Interracial Lover and the others with slow computers Douche Bags or should I stop posting?

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For the record, below is the exact message I sent to PC:

While I appreciate the pictures you post on my threads, they always seem to slow my computer down. I thought the issue was with my computer, but it only happens when I attempt to view a pages of threads I created that you posted on. Also, I recall another member making a similar statement.

I don't know if it's the size or the amount of pictures you post, but can you look into it?

If nothing can be done, can you just create your own thread or post on someone else thread? You seem to have a ton of pictures members enjoy, I'm more than confident everyone would enjoy a thread you create.

Personally, I don't think that makes me a douchebag, but hey.
My answer to that is HELL FUCKING NO!!!!.They need step their game up. Your wife is amazingly hot. And I would love to fuck her.. Keep doing your thing and keep them posts cumming!!!!
thanks for sharing your gorgeous wife... her body is amazing... i cant believe anyone would complain about your posts your photos are always the hottest and sexiest anyways on those posts thanks for taking photos of your sexy wife in action!
stop, are you mad. Its runs fine on my computer, and the quality is fucking amazing.
some of the best i,ve seen.

the root

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Ok , first off let me say , I really enjoy the pics of your girl, she a bad bitch fa sho!
That being said IRlover is right, I posted months ago that I couldnt go back to certain threads once you posted pics , because for whatever reason, when you post your pics it slows my computer down and obviously others as well.
We're all adults here, you can post where you want , but dont get it twisted , with the insults.....I didnt see where anyone said to stop posting pics, maybe your over-sensitive, because some one would dare ask you to create your own thread.....I dont know , but dont be a keyboard gangster, and hurl little small insults to us members whose computers run slow only on threads you post.
Just create a thread and keep it moving ..........simple as that.
Damn,how old are their computers anyway.I can look at your pics on my cellphone.And I got At&t,with a spotty coverage to say the least.If someone ask you not to post on their page,I would think that you should obey their wishes.Beside there are still alot of other pages for you to post on with newer computers.I think their internet service may also play a big factor as well.At such times,like at night.The internet sometimes slows up due to a large amount of traffic.
Interracial Lover and some others have asked that I stop posting pics to thier threads, it seems the high quality pictures that I take of my wife are sometimes slow to load on thier older pc's. Are they douchebags or should I stop posting my Slut?

You can hit us up on YIM if you want to see all of her pics!!

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