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how many people have u fucked?

i have only slept with 3 people my whole life; and those ive fucked are lovely black bulls. have been married since i was 20 im now 26 n am having fantasies about strange black dick. Guys and girls how many people do u think youve ridden/banged?? i lost my cherry at 16
Up until about a month ago i had only fucked 2 people....my first white husband and my now black husband. We set up a MMF with a white man...therefore makin him my 3rd person to fuck...very disappointed with THAT!! Thank goodness hubby was there so I could get something out of it!! LOL...Last weekend we set up another 3some but with a chic this time. I was drunk as a damn skunk ;) but we ALL had fun. I am almost 40 and I want more experiences but I am goin to try and stay away from white men...unless I happen to find a couple that wants to play...LOL
I have 4 women, but since being with my gf (over 20 years and counting !!! ) its only been her. I was her 2nd, but she has now had 5 bbc since Aug 2011 - but her/our first BBC encounter was her with 2 young black guys ! - A lot of boxes got ticked that mad evening last year :)