hi gals, Please tell your desired size of BBC?


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The (very handsome) bull doing me against the hotel room desk/table in our avatar was a little over 9 inches and very, very thick. He was an awesome man, and I met up with him ten different times with hubby present, and seven times solo (with hubby's blessing of course). I would gladly let him use my body for his pleasure for hours at a time in every position we could come up with, all over the hotel room. Sometimes he took me aggressively hardcore for long periods - he had stamina that my husband only dreams about, and sometimes we took our time and he was quite intimate with me. I idolized his beautiful cock and he enjoyed my oral skill immensely. That man was only one of two guys that ever made me squirt, as I would completely lose control of myself with him, and our hotel bed was always soaked by the time he was done with me. We would take water/cleanup breaks every once in a while and just hang out and talk in between bouts of hard fucking, and I felt so comfortable with him that I would simply lose track of time and didn't care. I would always have a hard time walking for a while after every one of my "dates" with him, and would always have his semen leaking out of my pussy off and on the rest of the night (hubby loved knowing about that part), but it was soooo worth it. He moved back east a few years ago. Those were very good times and are still very fond memories. I've been lucky enough to enjoy six different well hung black gentlemen over the years and am still hoping to find a regular lover like him again.
A really thick 8-9 inches & or 8 inches around. That constantly rubs the clit and I can't quit cumming
My bull has 9 inches and very thick and I agree about the constant clit rubbing , he just keeps me cumming.
It's also the feeling of my pussy being stretched open so deep inside . I always thought it would hurt but like others have commented , I love it !


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9 and bigger! Im a size queen for sure! Big donk need big dick!
The large women I have been with wanted a bigger dick than my little white penis even more than slim women did. I couldn't even get in good doggy style. If you see a larger woman with a man, black or white you can be pretty sure the dude is packing.