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I am posting this thread after doing this for another couple not so long ago. When they asked me to do it, I wasnt sure how to take it, if it was hot, kinky or offensive.. it turned out, it turned me on as much as it did them and was an honour to be asked as much as it was an honour for them...

I was contacted by an attractive cuckold white couple (on another site i wont name here) asking me to send me some of my black sperm in a sealed container to them so they could savour my seed and play with it or as she put it use it as daily moisturizer!

I will add it wasnt for breeding purposes, im not a sperm donor in that sense and not seeking that fyi (plus to be honest once arrived with them probably wasnt still alive and potent anyway with out freezing). However I did the request and was extremely erotic to be sent back photos and a video of her playing with my black semen, licking it, rubbing it across her breasts , pussy and ass as her husband watched and filmed. I almost felt as though I was there and had fucked her even though we were in fact a more than a few thousand miles apart !

If this idea turns you on and you have a kink for playing with some true black cum then get in touch...