1. Cum stained Juggs

    Cum stained Juggs

    BBC shot some cum at huge utters
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  4. Kalif

    Everyone who has a big black dick

    Hey. Everyone who has a big black dick, help us. :help:We are very excites, watch videos in which men cumshot sperm in the photos of my whore-wife.:qos: Watch the video and please do the same only with BIG BLACK COCK.:sex: Her photo below with video examples...:devil: Help us...
  5. Cum covered

    Cum covered

  6. WhiteEuroBoi

    Do Black Men REALLY Have a Lot More Sperm than White Men?

    I'm 23, and my girlfriend and I are an amateur Cuckold couple. We have a Bull who's about 11" inches long. Aside from that, I noticed a huge difference in the way we both ejaculate. When I ejaculate, the cum dribbles out in small little drops and I have to struggle to get it all out. It never...
  7. D

    Junger Asiate mit kleinem Penis, submissive und bereit als Sklave zu dienen. (Baden Württemberg)

    Hallo liebe Leute Und wie auf dem Titel beschrieben habe ich einen kleinen Penis (13-14cm) Ich möchte gern von Paaren oder Frauen dominiert werden. Ihr könnt auf meinen kleinem Schwanz auslachen, urinieren, besamen oder euch einfach beim Sex bedienen lassen :) Möchtet ihr so etwa neues erleben...
  8. BlackPassion

    Black guys come more...

    In all my experiences with all the various white women and couples I have been with I always get met at my orgasmic explosion with 'Wowwww.. what an enormous thick load!!' I guess i have always known I was a 'heavy cummer' and also a repeater, but never fails to turn me on further when a white...
  9. me cumming ultra hard

    me cumming ultra hard

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  10. Curly girlfriend sucks black dick dry for 20 minut

    Curly girlfriend sucks black dick dry for 20 minut

  11. B

    First time drinking black sperm

    . I am the first experience to drink black semen, any suggestions? I am with my girlfriend
  12. Creampie


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  13. CuckoldTs

    Lory,la nostra sweet a vostra disposizione per il nostro piacere.

    Ciao a tutti da Roby e Lory,coppia cuckold da Trieste
  14. ido

    About Us

    Here we go!!!
  15. BlackPassion


    I am posting this thread after doing this for another couple not so long ago. When they asked me to do it, I wasnt sure how to take it, if it was hot, kinky or offensive.. it turned out, it turned me on as much as it did them and was an honour to be asked as much as it was an honour for them...
  16. Suck it

    Suck it

  17. B

    I want to get you pregnant. Fife area.

    Handsome heterosexual black guy here for getting straight and unmarried sexy young females pregnant. I'm clean no STD/STI with proof, safe and confidential. If you want to get pregnant and you're married I don't want to know because if I do, we won't meet up. If you have a boy friend then...
  18. hardchoco69

    Intense excitement

    In this thread we will talk about sexual arousal and desire. Such arousing moment.. when the body is completey out of control...touching/kissing/licking each other in a stimulating manner, in order to become "turned on".