1. Cuckold Voyeur in the Kitchen

    Cuckold Voyeur in the Kitchen

    Imagine you spied on your wife getting fucked in your kitchen. What would be your reaction?

    Do you like it with or without hair?

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  4. I need a cum dump.

    I need a cum dump.

  5. Fun in MTL

    Fun in MTL

    Who's next to play?
  6. What a waste

    What a waste

  7. How does it look;)

    How does it look;)

  8. P

    Black bull located in Vancouver, BC metro area.

    Hi all, I’m very muscular, 6ft1in, black bull new in the Vancouver, bc metro area, and I’m looking forward meeting local couples and QOS’s. Fell free to reach out and ask any questions.
  9. P

    Vancouver, BC

    I’m a black bull located in Surrey, BC looking for couples and QOS. Please feel free to reach out to me, let’s talk and get to know each other.
  10. N

    Will you do what daddy tells you?

  11. Catch this nut 💦

    Catch this nut 💦

    Need sum help
  12. N

    My alter ego is a pornstar

    Haven’t had sex in a while in the mood to blow the biggest facial on someone’s face & or fill someone to the brim with all the cum loaded in my dick. Now who’s going to be a good little slut & catch my nut?
  13. N

    A blowjob is the best type of job

  14. N

    My love language is fuckin’


    What would you do to this BBC?
  16. B

    Black bull for Real dates in Berlin

    My name is Sisco, i am young bull ( 27 ) located in Berlin, i am charming, clean, educated, handsome and with a hot body, with a high stamina, with great dick potent stocking and endurance. Everthing you need to fell my dominance upon you and your wife. My 2 target is to make your...


  18. Chocolate Body

    Chocolate Body

  19. Chocolate Body

    Chocolate Body

  20. IMG_01.jpeg


    For reference 😜💪🏿🦬