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Females. Light or Dark Skinned


Real Person
curious as to the answers I'll receive. I'm 19 and a yellowbone(black and white) and I always here that one of the reasons I hook up easily is because women love a light skinned brotha


Gold Member
I personally don't think this applies to a forum where the contrast component and skin color in general is THE turn on. The more contrast the better.

I think dark skinned people hear all the time chicks like the darker brothers. As 90% of these conversations are fueled by the fact they are talking to a erson of a certain color and like to give a compliment.
In the end it does not matter at all. just for a niche.
Most every guy I've been with is darker skinned. I'm pretty sure that's not just by coincidence so ... darker guys it is ... but I wouldn't rule out dark brown either. I'm just for the black race. xoxx, Dana