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Feel the love

you guys make me smile. Im jumpy, paranoid and insecure, but I keep coming back and you are always making me feel better about myself. I wish I could kiss every one of you. thank you.


Sweet & Cordial
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well, Vanessa, I see you decided to "hang around" ... I guess the temptation is hard to refuse. I read in one of your threads that you're thinking of finding your hubby a lady to play with to encourage him to let you open up some. That's kind of unusual, as my experiences has been that females don't like sharing their hubbies with other females. But, actually, that's a pretty good idea if your intentions are to pursue the "dark side" for yourself. Just inform one of your GFs that you are wanting to fulfill one of your hubby's fantasies ... FFM, and that you need help ... that may just relax him to what you need.

Hey, I'd like to suggest you consider putting all your comments on one "Vanessa thread" so the b2w members can keep up with your comments, etc. I have a feeling not many guys (or girls) are going to want to miss many of your postings.

Take care ... Mac
Mac, I don't know what Im thinking myself most of the time its not that I want to share him. I dunno.

I wiuld feel it would be too arrogant to put all my threads into one, lol. Im pretty sure most people here have more interesting things to say than me. Im just young n dumb, man.haha
Vanessa we started young and we started with threesomes and a little swinging. If you can talk him into MMF threesome and he enjoys it, you may have your opening.