Explain Your Emotions

As you watch his black cock enter your wife, what are you feeling? (Choose all that apply)

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Husbands, you have worked for months to get your beautiful wife to agree to taking a black lover while you watch. Finally she has agreed. The night has come, her stud is in bed with her. They are naked. She is excited. Her nipples taunt and her pussy wet. He is also excited and his big black cock bobs between his legs as they enjoy their foreplay. Now, the moment of truth. She spreads her legs for him and he thrusts his huge piece of manhood into hot slit while you sit by and watch. Describe your emotions.



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Hubby has said that he loves the look of lust in my eyes. And with each thrust, he wants me more and more. It is not something that we do all of the time, but the few experiences we have had, they have all been absolutely so erotic and has even made our married sex life even better.