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Exodus International (Surprise!)

So . . . Alan Chambers, the head of Exodus International, the "Christian" organization that "helped" men and women turn away from homosexuality, has finally admitted that he has same sex attraction. Now the organization is shutting down.

His wife supports him. His friends support him. And he is hated by both Christians and the LGBT community. He is one of many Christian, Pastors, who have come out of the closet, per se'. So . . . how does this pertain to the "lifestyle?" Well, a man in the spot light has been living a secret life with a big secret. And now the secret is out. His wife supports him although he has same sex attractions. This can mean many things.

What are your thoughts?


Sweet & Cordial
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... I think that we are going to find many more men who will eventually out themselves.
Yeah, the time may soon come when a whole, new special section at b2w is openeds up to accommodate all the married, white guys that are coming out of their "gay" closets with their tongues dragging the ground for black cock. Well, so far my 14 yo son hasn't indicated any fondness for other male's genitalia ... maybe its not in his DNA. :happy: