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does anyone here practice yoga?

Its been a while since I took any formal classes but now I do it on my own around the house. The main kind I tried was called Yin and I liked it because it involved stretching and holding poses and was very stress relieving and is good for meditation. I want to find a class so I can start getting real instrucction and motivation again. So I want to ask, BESIDES SEX, what do you guys use tochill and relax yourselves? am also wanting to try reiki massage, does anyone have experience with this?
I practice Ashtanga six days a week. Two days in class (Mysore), four days on my own. Working towards practicing the entire Primary Series six days a week. Right now I'm at 2 days a week for an hour and forty five and four days a week for an hour. I'm also undertaking the Yoga Alliance certification and am nearly qualified to teach.


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Yoga is a fantastic mental, physical, and spiritual exercise which not only gives a person great flexibility over their body but amazing energy and focused power of concentration to go along with it. Over 10 years ago I began to study about other cultures and religions and met a woman heavy into Astrology and Tantra Yoga. I was a real young guy and at first was just talking to her about Astrological charting and readings as I was curious what the stars said about their influence on my life back then.

When she mentioned she also knew of Tantra I expressed interest to her to learn more about that too. I had no idea what it was but it sounded like another path to a new awakening of enlightenment as she did laugh at me and said...
"What do you know about Tantra...." laughing at me mockingly. I still remember her reaction and laugh to this day. It was an eerily similarity of that red-head wild-ling chic from Game of Thrones who told Jon Snow 'You know nothing Jon Snow'. Yeah I had no idea what I was getting myself into or what was in store for me in this journey.

I was a very young 20something yr. old and she was a blonde white woman in her 30s and it later turned into me being her little tiger-cub to this hot cougar as she introduced me into the arts of healing through soft caressing touches, sensual massages, vibrations, colorful sights, and nature's sounds. In the beginning she started slow and there was alot of ritual water immersion of us bathing one another, breathing, slow rhythmic moves in synchronization while naked. Me being a young guy I was amazed that she could be so close to me body to body while completely naked, my young hard-black cock throbbing with all of my youthful testosterone pumping hot through my veins and not want to go immediately to fucking. But then I too soon learned to be patient and get in tune with the rhythm and flow of a woman and synchronize my breaths with her through the Tantra Yoga moves which after much delayed self-gratification led to achieving some amazing mind-blowing sex with her later.

Funny enough after she felt she taught me enough of what I needed to know or she got addicted to my BigBlackCock, she stopped with the long ritual stuff and just often went to go right to fucking whenever I came over to see her where I became more patient and disciplined. She also told me she taught and counseled alot of couples, and older men and she needed her 'Red' root-chakra vibrated too and I was the best at it. I felt like the tables turned and the student surpassed the master but I was still young and still had and have alot to learn yet. We would still spend long afternoons on the phone talking about Tantra, spirituality, mastering one's chakra's (energy centers) and meditation. I still mediate, and practice my breathing yet I haven't had a partner in a while now to do alot of the Tanric-Yoga with. She moved around the country and I lost touch with her as she resided in SoCal mostly and I was still young running around chasing everything in front of me like a Young Bull would do so I didn't want to invest the time with keeping a long distance relationship with her.


Here are some videos with examples of Tantic Yoga for couples:

And here is a video that gets all sexual with the pelvic thrusts, and bending of these women's bodies in doing Yoga. And imagine doing all of this naked, it builds some amazing sensations, sexual tension and fantastic fore-play which leads to some amazingly explosive vaginal orgasms for women. I've seen it and I know how to create it thanks to my old Former Female Tantric Yoga teacher.

Tantra is extremely powerful and not for the faint of heart. As I've recently discovered, yoga leads to tantra, but tantra is not to be practiced until you have a solid foundational practice in yoga. This typically takes many years. It's like a baby playing with fire: you'll almost inevitably burn yourself.

You have essentially described my own path. Psychology --> yoga --> astrology --> eventually tantra.

I can state from experience that a dedicated yoga practice leads to pratyahara, or sense withdrawal. That's one reason a) my stamina has improved, b) control of my sex drive has improved, and c) I am significantly more detached (although non-attached is a better connotation) from base desires (food, sex, materialism).

Keep in mind, however, that -- and this is just my opinion, however educated it may be -- at most studios you are not practicing yoga. Yoga is not mere asanas but is the connection between body and breath. In my experience very few studios and teachers emphasize the art of breathing; as a result most practitioners are, as B.K.S. Iyengar would say, "making an ass of themselves practicing asanas." And a cognizance of the breath techniques naturally leads to practice and eventual expertise of bandhas. (This typically takes many, many years, mind you.)


Practice hatha yoga,and have been for some time now,keeps me supple and great for stress relief I find,and with 30 screaming kids every day I need it