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Do you think Black males are all the same??


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To answer that question "am I built for BBC"... and so many of them are "ass shots, women with big asses" as if there IS a "build" that "all black men" like... and refering to black men almost only as "BBC's" almost sounds racist, as if "we are all alike" and have the same tastes... not saying anyone is racist, just saying that some of these threads/posts, and the way those wanting to experience interracial sex say things can have that "tone" to it... Of course black males referring to themselves as BBC's or "N**** Dick" doesnt help either.
"We" (black men) dont all think of ourselves as "Masters" or "Bulls" (but in role play thats cool) and expect all white men to be Cucks or wimps...
Lets try not to perpetuate stereotypes... All of us on here, being on the forefront of Black and White/Interracial sex helps everyone get past our racial past/history... lets do it better than the ignorant ones would do it. Probably just me... just MHO.
No, not all Black Men are alike, yet I do love sex with well hung Black Men.

I have been with Black Men who were complete assholes, and I have been with Black Men who have been complete gentlemen. Black Men, like any other men, are men, and they are all different. I am not a thin woman, and I like men who like a woman with more curves.

In play, any man can be a bull or a master. He doesn't have to be Black. The lover who lives with us is a younger man who is just a great kid. He is of age of course, but younger than I am. He just has a really high sex drive, like me. I prefer men who are well hung, and there are some well hung white men.

I love to play with Black Men, but I also have boyfriends that I have been seeing for years who are Black Men. I know there are Black Men who prefer thin women, and there are those who prefer bigger women. I like the latter the most.

No, not all Black Men are alike, but I have loved many of them because of who they are.