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Do any ladys ever change any when they are around Black males to be more accepted?

I noticed that some,not all white females that date black males sometimes wear alot of dark make-up and they also might wear their hair in different styles that normally black females might wear.So,what I want to know is when the ladys are with their black friends or lovers do they change the way they Act,Dress,Talk or etc?Are do they remain the same?
To be quite honest, I dress and wear make up chosen by my men. If a black man wants me to dress a certain way or wear a specific type of make up when I am with him, then I do it. Who am I to question him or any Black man? I absolutely love pleasing black men in and out of the bed and dressing for him or changing in a miniscule way for him is the least I can do for all the pleasure he brings me.