Dirty Mind


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So I'm pushing boundaries with the new gf a bit and this one is a bit nasty. I've dropped the BBC hints and in foreplay I'm asking if she'd ever do a glory hole?...... immediately she was like with a black cock?. of course I said well would you?. She said yeah prob but we both know there is not a real situation like that going to happen. I said yeah prob just a hot fantasy. She said I lacked imagination...lol. She says if you want me to get naughty then get creative. You practically have a glory hole sitting in the driveway. Whats to say you drive and I drink and we pull off somewhere and I coax a black guy up to my window. Let him lean in and I can check the goods, if he's hung then your fantasy happens just like that. No real difference than a glory hole if you think about it. I have no argument and I am just wondering has anyone ever done this? or perhaps thought of it before?
The final question is who would consider letting their gf or wife do something like this?