Daring Hotwife.

Earlier tonight the wife went out with some friends for a full-moon bonfire, after a few drinks and some socializing she came across this young man sitting i little distant from the crowd enjoying his drink alone so she went and sat next to him. after they introduced themselves to each other he asked if she had came to the bonfire alone, she did, and he did as well...further into an innocent convo, the young man looked down and spotted a wet spot on the wife's crotch and boldly pointed it out, to which the wife replied "oh, yea im always wet". the young man ask just how wet, and without hesitation, the wife guided his hand into her tights so he could feel for himself. the young man felt around for a little while and got the proof that he was asking for. but he wasnt satisfied since he had tasted his fingers and liked. he asked if he could get a proper taste and they got up and headed to the parking lot, they drove to the far, dark end and she got into the back seat and lost her pants completely, he pushed both front seats forward to make more room in the back, got between her legs and went to work. she came 3 times on his tongue before asking to taste her own juices off his mouth, in one fluid motion with his pants already down and his dick rock hard, her moved up to kiss her and slipped his dick inside her on the way up...after going wild, thrusting fast and deep, he pulled out withing two minuted and covered her stomach with a huge load.
they are stil at the bonfire and might go to his place for the second round.