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Cucks love white women - but differently!

Since becoming a cuck what excites me about white females hasn't changed but how I'd express my and fulfil my sexual desires and goals has.
In particular there has been a movement from the desire for penetrative sex to one of performing oral sex. Do other cucks feel the same?
The physical attraction to white women is as great as ever but the kind of relationship desired is now different. I want the emotional, intellectual and empathic intimacy as before but now a part of the physical relationship involves a third party - big black men. This is to give a level of sexual satisfaction that I couldn't provide but I want my partner to have - not only the joy of sex with a big male but with a male of a different race.
I believe that monogamous relationships (especially vanilla in this context) largely fail to provide physical, emotional, intellectual and empathic satisfaction for both male and female in most relationships. Time for something different. For people like me an interracial cuckold relationship may be the answer, for others it is probably something else.