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    I am very lucky to have a playful wife. I recently paid for an all body massage for her birthday. I dropped her off at the studio for her massage and picked her up an hour later. She was very flushed and seemed excited; I asked how it went and she just said, “It was amazing, thank you so much.” I thought I had booked a female masseur, but when I asked my wife how it had gone, she said she had a hunky black male. She was a little embarrassed at being naked in front of him, but soon relaxed as he was so gentle. It appears he didn't just give her a massage, but a real sensual massage which ended with her being so excited she had outrageous sex with him. She thought I had arranged it all and was very excited and appreciative. I thought I had just booked a massage; I was shocked to hear what had happened but also found it exciting. She wants the same again soon; I haven't told her the truth and if I book her in for the same again, I would like to watch.
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    With my luck, I'd find a place with a hot looking black dude to give my Wife a massage complete with a "happy ending" and he'd turn out to be gay! :bounce:
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    I wouldn't laugh too hard, that virus is going airborne more and more these days!